Meidän Eurooppa on yhteinen – our Europe is united

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Tässä kirjoituksessa kolme EU-vaaliehdokasta kolmesta eri maasta ja kolmesta eri puolueesta nostavat katseen päivänpolitiikan yli ja kertovat miten uusi Eurooppa oikeasti tehdään. Tuntui luontevalta julkaista tämä Suomessakin englanniksi.



Our Europe


This European Union is a union of big business and unaccountable technocrats. It is dangerous to the good life of people and nature in Europe and globally. Europe needs to change.


The over-consuming class must be liberated from its destructive life-style and poverty must be eradicated. European participation in consumption and production that harms climate justice and food sovereignty everywhere in the world must stop. Distortions in the distribution of power caused by concentration of wealth and economic power must be corrected. Uncertainty and danger caused by technological change must be drastically diminished.


Therefore we, candidates in the elections for European Parliament in 2014 from different parties and different countries, are committed to work together to



1. Introduce anti-trust legislation that secures an economy of freedom and fairness.


* No single private company can be very large and concentration of ownership and wealth must be kept in bounds. A maximum size of private companies needs to be defined for instance in terms of the number of its employees and net-sales. No person or legal entity can have ownership in more than two companies or a fortune greater than 100 times the average annual income.



2. Promote localisation of power and the economy.


* All international trade, including trade between EU-member countries, needs to be reduced. Excessive dependence on trade increases fragility, not to mention increasing ecological footprint.


* All trade agreements and agreements regulating finance transactions must be brought under the jurisdiction of courts that secure the compatibility of norms regulating trade and investment with internationally agreed human rights and environmental standards.



3. Radically restrict rights to private intellectual property based on research and development.



4. Implement a rapid transition to low-energy societies that are nuclear free and have a zero-carbon emission balance (considering also indirect emissions through external trade).



5. Secure a comprehensive transition in Europe from military to non-violent defense and the development of a powerful non-violent peace-keeping service committed to work in all continents as mandated by the United Nations.


Such are some of our goals. We believe their implementation through a piecemeal but determined reform-process will be beneficial for the well-being and dignity of all people in Europe and the world.


Our opponents will say: This is not realistic.


But we say: Our suggestions are much more realistic than those that dominate politics today.


Continuation of current policies and forms of cooperation in Europe is likely to lead to democratic collapse in our sub-continent within decades and propels ecological devastation at a planetary level. In contrast to this our suggestions are compatible with the long-term flourishing of diverse, democratic and socially just cultures without drastic loss of biological diversity.



People’s power:


The change we pursue is worthless unless achieved wholly democratically.


We therefore work together for democratisation of the institutions of power and cooperation in Europe. We propose:



1. At all levels of politics decisions are taken in referenda whenever at least 2 % (two per cent) of the electorate so proposes.





A convention for a comprehensive reform of the treaty of the European Union is elected through free and fair elections. The convention works out alternative proposals for European cooperation. The proposals are subjected to referenda and a new European structure is created on their basis.




2.B. In all countries that are members of the European Union the conditions of membership are renewed by 2017 through national referenda with multiple alternatives.


To sum up: We say yes to fair international cooperation and a transition to sustainability. We therefore say a comprehensive and clear yes to a profound improvement of cooperation in Europe. We are ready.



Rupert Read, Candidate for the Greens, UK

Thomas Wallgren, Candidate for the Social Democrats, Finland

Erik Wesselius, Candidate for the Left, Netherlands