Speach on Corporate Europe Observatory´s board meeting

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A usual thing to do before elections is to ask for pledges from candidates on key reforms and goals from movements

I think that also now it would be a good thing for us to do, with like-minded groups.  I know it is not terrible useful. We get pledges from the people who don't go through or from people who ledge is not very sincere. Nevertheless it is a tool. It serves networking in EP and between movements. It also gives us reason to understand what the current core agenda can be. That helps us understand our own work better.

It is very strategic in these elections to make clear that responsible people from left-green and center are AGAINST this EU at least as much as the populist right. And OUR ALTERNATIVES ARE BETTER.

My thought-experiment is this. I assume / hope Erik, Jakub  are candidates. I am. If we add my friend Rupertt Read (top candidate in his region in UK, with a significant chance of going through) we have one left, one green and two socialist candidates. Even it the team is a gender scandal  I see us as a test group. What are the ideal ten initiative the four of us can agree on with the help of CEO? If we get that list it can be a good tool to expand the circle. (Of curse: more people can and should be added now.)

I will very much look into the creativity of others in this,. But here are some of my ideas.


1. Binding CO2 reduction of 2 % / year for all member countries with
heavy sanctions.
2. CO2 tax.

1. Socialise or break up all big finance institutions
2. Social and ecological goals for the ECB more binding than monetary goals.
3. Budget power shifted from troika to elected peole's council
4. Finance transaction tax
5. Right of local and national authorities to boycot tax haven companies
in public produrement
6. No to TTIP abnd TISA
7. Bindin social protocol
8. Basic income reform (on conditions worked out with TUäs, not with
ther neo-lib right.)

1. Common responsibility for asylum seekers, minority rights (including Roma) and paperless workers

1. Elected convention to draft democratic treaty alternatives for a new EU. Treaty to be ratified after referenda in member-states (referenda,
2. If no advance in 1 by 2016 --> Cameron style referendum in all EU-member states on conditions of continued membership.
3. No to the contractual arrangement scheme planned now (- see summit Dec,. 2013) unless agreement based on referendum.